TECNO, a rising superstar as a global brand of next-generation smartphones, today launched its latest CAMON18 series – CAMON 18 Premier, CAMON18P and CAMON18, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a professional anti-camera smartphone. -quake and clarity.

The new CAMON 18 Premier brings together the best of the CAMON series, such as TAIVOS, Super Night mode, Selfie mode to combine with a brand new ultra-stable gimbal camera, 60X hybrid zoom and even more AI features enhanced for professional videography. The AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate makes every touch experience faster and smoother.

In addition, TECNO’s CAMON 18 Premier with Low Blue Light certification from TÃœV Rheinland will provide consumers with the best possible eye care. Powered by the latest MediaTek Helio G96 chip and supported by a redesigned HiOS 8.0, showcase the CAMON series at what it does best, once again exceeding expectations to produce the best photos and videos technology can offer. .

“We are always looking for breakthroughs in products and technologies to inspire our consumers to open up the world of possibilities. The digital revolution with the rise of new generations brings the latest trend in film making via a smartphone.

The CAMON 18 Premier is the first TECNO product to use the technological innovations of the ultra-stable gimbal camera to create a whole new experience for users. With ‘Stop At Nothing’ as TECNO’s brand spirit, we aim to continually make inroads in product and design innovations, as we have done with the CAMON 18 series. ”Said Stephan Ha, Managing Director of TECNO.

Ultra-stable gimbal camera, a Clever “Sshit” THETo VSto cancel Eexternal Sthroat cut Moptions

Users of all skill levels, from casual users to professional content creators, will have a new tool to make that perfect video. The CAMON 18 Premier now features unmatched anti-shake technology at 300% the efficiency of other smartphones without anti-shake technology. When paired with a wide angle lens, the CAMON 18 Premier is now capable of shooting 109 ° wide angle, allowing users to create great looking videos anywhere, while doing anything, with sublime clarity.

The CAMON 18 Premier’s rear camera follows the meticulously proportioned design philosophy that enhances all three lenses – a 64MP primary camera, an ultra-stable 12MP gimbal camera with an enlarged bezel, and an 8MP periscope lens housed in a new mount. shiny and sleek ceramic and a cleaner and more durable flat surface design.

Ultra-clear 60X hyper zoom, see farther than the eyes can see

The CAMON 18 Premier uses a 5X periscope lens and a Galileo algorithm engine, which accesses multiple images and gathers pixel information to improve resolution and clarity. By combining the 5X optical zoom capability with up to 12X AI algorithm-based digital zoom, users can achieve incredible 60X hybrid zoom and travel to the moon in photography, elevating smartphone astrophotography to spectacular levels.

TECNO brings ultra-stable and ultra-clear CAMON 18 Premier gimbal camera phone

Master the art of self-portrait with the 32 MP AI Selfie Camera

TECNO embodies its maxim “Stop At Nothing” with the 32 MP front camera, once again exceeding expectations with crystal clear clarity. The powerful camera comes with a more compact and convenient user interface, incorporating clear function buttons and a new smart gender-based ID. The beauty feature has increased inclusiveness for masculine features, having introduced enhancement of the beard and eyebrows. Users can now use the Portrait Light Effect mode to lighten, darken, change or completely remove the background, bringing the world of photo editing software concisely to the palms of their hands.

TECNO brings the ultra-stable and ultra-clear CAMON 18 Premier gimbal camera phone

Stylish and exquisite design from color to texture

CAMON18 series adopts natural and flexible design language and interprets flowers and trees, natural breezes and drizzle in product design. At the same time, it advocates the most dynamic and energetic sense of elegant fashion design, which fits perfectly into the urban language. Ceramic elements are added to our products to bring a new aesthetic perspective to the CAMON series and give the products more imagination.

TECNO brings ultra-stable and ultra-clear CAMON 18 Premier gimbal camera phone

Unleash smoother, faster performance with the newest MediaTek Helio G96 chip and 33W flash charge

Equipped with a MediaTekHelio G96 processor with eight cores, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, the CAMON 18 Premier has multitasking capability like never before, allowing seamless integration of multiple applications. This incredible processing power, combined with a 4750mAh battery, dramatically improves the user experience, resulting in a system capable of photographing, videographing, networking and playing games with remarkable fluidity. With TÃœV Rheinland certifications for safe fast charging systems, CAMON 18 Premier supports 33W flash charging, reaching 50% charge in just 20 minutes and a full charge in 65 minutes.

TECNO brings ultra-stable and ultra-clear CAMON 18 Premier gimbal camera phone

Live Vivid with 120Hz Rcosts Rate and TÃœV Rheinland certified Ddisplay for eye protection on your CAMON 18 Premier

The 6.7-inch (1080 × 2400) AMOLED display has Full HD resolution with brightness up to 550 nits and 100% NTSC for maximum visual satisfaction. The screen benefits from a refresh rate of 120 Hz; This unprecedented high refresh rate in a phone promises higher display fluidity and a more consistent, intuitive experience – scrolling is smoother and tactile feedback is more responsive. Additionally, as a TÃœV Rheinland Low Blue Light (Hardware Solution) certified product, the CAMON 18 Premier can reduce blue light to provide all-day comfort for your eyes and reduce overall power consumption.

TECNO brings ultra-stable and ultra-clear CAMON 18 Premier gimbal camera phone

To explore Ahead with the THEtest HiOS 8.0

For all the jaw-dropping hardware, TECNO’s software pulls its own weight. The latest HiOS 8.0 offers high-security Za-Hooc2.0 privacy solutions, leveraging advanced data security capabilities and privacy protection technology to create a strong and secure privacy ecosystem to protect both hardware and software data. With the service of AI OS system, life is much more well organized. Calendar, Business trips & meetings, Flight information, Birthday reminders… Don’t miss an important moment.

TECNO is a rising star smartphone brand in the global market. With “Stop At Nothing” as the essence of the brand, TECNO passionately unlocks the best contemporary technologies for progressive individuals and brings them innovative and stylish smart devices with the latest technology.

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TECNO is a premium brand of smartphones and AIoT devices from TRANSSION Holdings. With “Stop At Nothing” as the essence of the brand, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies for progressive individuals in global emerging markets, providing them with smartly designed smart products that inspire consumers to discover a world of possibilities. . TECNO understands the needs of consumers in different markets and provides them with localized innovations and design breakthroughs demonstrated by their mastery of serving consumers “young at heart” who continually strive for excellence. TECNO’s portfolio includes smartphones, tablets, smart wearable devices and AIoT devices designed for consumers in more than 70 emerging markets around the world. TECNO is also the official partner of Manchester City, Premier League champions 2020-21. For more information, please visit: www.tecno-mobile.com.

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