Ladies and gentlemen, this is great. We need champagne, balloons, fireworks, a trumpet solo – heck, get the whole band on! That’s right, a new compact camera has arrived!

Yes, thanks to the tedious global dominance of the camera phone, the launch of a new conventional compact camera has become a very rare event, so much so that it deserves a lot of fanfare…or at least a brief mention. on Digital Camera World.

The camera in question is the Panasonic TZ202D, which replaces the outgoing TZ202. If neither model number is familiar, it’s because both cameras appear to be German-only releases. The TZ202 is known as TZ200 in the rest of Europe and ZS200 in the United States. Check our complete test of the TZ200 (opens in a new tab).


(Image credit: Panasonic)

But as we’d unfortunately expect from ‘new’ compact camera launches, the TZ202D barely qualifies as a new camera. According to the German publication Photographix Magazin (opens in a new tab), the only noticeable difference is that the new camera features a 1,840,000-dot LCD screen, replacing the 1,240,000-dot panel featured on the TZ202/TZ200/ZS200. So could the “D” in TZ202D stand for “Display”? Surely not – it’s far too logical. The folks at Photographix Magazin speculate, reasonably, that the old display panel may no longer be available, necessitating a new LCD in order to keep the camera in production.

Panasonic TZ200

(Image credit: Panasonic)

Apart from the improved LCD resolution, the rest of the camera looks identical, including the 20-megapixel 1-inch sensor, 24-230mm equivalent 15x zoom lens, 4K video capability and 2330k-dot EVF. To be fair to Panasonic, the TZ200/ZS200 is a very good travel compact, thanks to the combination of a relatively large sensor (for a compact camera) with a generous zoom range. There’s little – if anything – that directly rivals it, so swapping the rear screen for a higher quality panel is a welcome upgrade over what’s already a well-sorted camera. That said, the TZ202D would be launched at a price of 799 euros, while the TZ202 can be purchased for 659 euros. Assuming this type of price increase will apply to the TZ200/ZS200 replacement, this is serious price inflation. So if you’re tempted by a TZ200/ZS200, buy now, before they’re discontinued.

Story credit: Photographix Magazine (opens in a new tab)

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