The Fujifilm GFX 50R is one of our favorite Fujifilm GFX medium format camera models and although it was discontinued in 2021, its sensor is still used in the new GFX 50S II. It might be last year’s camera, but its 51MP medium format sensor is still capable of producing stunning medium format images.

And now Adorama is currently offering the GFX 50R body for just $ 2,999!

You will of course need to get a lens separately, but if you need help choosing the best Fujifilm GF lenses, our guide can help you make the right choice for your shooting style.

What we love about the Fujifilm GFX 50R is its sleek and compact design, as well as its rangefinder offering a unique digital shooting experience. It has autofocus, but its AF system is a bit slower than what you would find in regular mirrorless cameras.

Where this camera shines is in landscape, travel or portrait photography, delivering huge resolution with a shallow depth of field used to medium format cameras, really making your images stand out.

So if you or someone you care about is planning to upgrade to medium format during the holiday season, you probably need to act quickly to get this amazing camera at this great price while supplies last!

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