10 inch stabilized EO/MWIR/SWIR gimbal with laser target designator

WASHINGTON, October 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Trillium Engineering, a leading designer and manufacturer of gimbal cameras for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) performing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, today announced the launch of its latest camera innovation, the HD95-MVS-LD. The purpose-built gimbal was unveiled at AUSA 2022 at the Textron Systems booth, aboard its Aerosonde® unmanned aircraft system for the U.S. Army’s Future Tactical UAS Mission (FTUAS) program.

Designed and built for FTUAS, the HD95-MVS-LD features a best-in-class 0.9 FOV MWIR camera that delivers the highest pixels on target for better resolution at farther distances, this which results in reliable and actionable images. It also includes a STANAG-compliant laser target designator and a SWIR laser designator with SeeSpot capability. With unprecedented low weight and a size of just 10 inches, UAS platforms can increase their endurance without sacrificing optical performance.

“Advances in the high-performance, lightweight HD95 expand the capabilities of today’s tactical drones, and in turn will save lives on the battlefield,” said Alex Podolakvice president of program management at Trillium Engineering.

Although the HD95 was designed to meet the U.S. military’s future vertical lift requirements, its optimized SWaP profile, advanced day and night ISR imaging, and integrated video processor make it the ideal system for any tactical UAS from medium size, VTOL or winged.

“With the introduction of the HD95, we now have the full range of products needed to meet the varying needs of global reconnaissance missions,” said Marc Mirelez, CEO of Trillium Engineering. “Since day one, we have been committed to being nimble and quick to innovate. The HD95 is a testament to our rapid development process and shows our innate ability to meet changing program needs.”

For full list of features visit: https://trilliumeng.com/hd95

About Trillium Engineering:

Founded in 2013, Trillium Engineering is a technology company headquartered in Hood River, Oregon, specializing in the design and manufacture of gimbal camera systems for tactical unmanned aircraft. Trillium’s customers include defense prime contractors, leading aircraft manufacturers, and military and government end users. For more information, visit https://trilliumeng.com/

Aerosonde® is a registered trademark of Textron Systems Corporation.

SOURCE Trillium Engineering


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