There are a few things that are unexplained about the Black Country. Why are orange chips so good? Why does no one understand our accent? And why do so many people have boats on their way when we are so far from the sea?

But one thing is for sure – ghost, ghoul and UFO sightings are rife in part of the country.

Some of the “Ghostbusters” who spot these unexplained phenomena have the chance to capture their findings on camera.

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BlackCountryLive has put together the best evidence we have that the area is a hotbed of things that happen at night.

Three ghosts seen at Dudley Zoo

It seems like this fun-filled day site is also home to a range of unexplained sightings …

Little drummer

Most people come to Dudley Zoo and Castle to see the animals – not the mind of a “little drummer”.

A mom was able to see it when she saw photos she had taken at the castle and spotted a ghostly figure.

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The Gray Lady

The Gray Lady of Dudley Castle

The Gray Lady has frequented Dudley Castle for centuries and is said to be the spirit of the tragically deceased Dorothy Beaumont with her baby shortly after giving birth.

Her last wishes were that she be buried next to her child and that her husband be at her funeral.

However, none of these have been granted, so she is doomed to wander the castle and its grounds. His favorite places are the castle keep and the Gray Lady Tavern, a pub that bears his name.

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A ghost spotted on Google Street View

Google Street View is a handy tool to use when trying to find out where a location is.

It gives you a picture of the streets, shops and monuments recorded by the company car which is equipped with a camera on the roof.

But one thing you might not expect is the paranormal.

As you walk through the castle in the field, a dark figure can be seen peering out of one of the windows.

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Droitwich woman “disappears from bed” in bizarre footage obtained by UFO hunters

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Strange footage shared by UFO hunters supposedly shows the astonishing moment a Midland woman disappears from her bed – before suddenly reappearing.

The video is one of many cases investigated by Dave Hodrien, father of a Solihull child and a principal investigator for the Birmingham UFO Group (BUFOG),

He says the woman in the video, from Droitwich in Worcestershire, claimed she was kidnapped twice in a week in 2010.

On the advice of her husband, the woman installed an infrared camera in her bedroom to capture evidence.

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Dolls hanging from a tree

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A frightened walker made a very disturbing discovery while exploring Cannock Chase.

The hiker, who does theater at Walsall Manor Hospital, discovered an assortment of spooky dolls while walking on the Chase.

The 64-year-old man made his way through the undergrowth and discovered a clearing where there were a number of trees with the dolls “nailed” and “tied” to them.

Speaking to Black Country Live, the mother-of-two said: “I had to protect myself during the entire lockdown, but when I was walking around I looked a little further and as I dug into the under -wood, I saw these dolls.

“It was not that scary and I was standing among the dolls. I was saying my prayers. I spoke to the dolls and I wished the children who lived in the mining village eternal rest.”

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UFO crosses the sky over Wolverhampton Park

A woman claimed to have seen a UFO soar into the sky while out for a walk with her son.

Amita Bedi was at Phoenix Park in Wolverhampton when she saw lights “flashing in the sky”.

The teacher said she started filming the site when she noticed they were moving quickly, just before 5 p.m.

Although she walks around the area every night, this is the first time she has seen the bizarre display.

Amita told BlackCountryLive: “I was going for a walk with my son and we saw lights zooming in the sky.

“They went really fast and lasted about 15 minutes.”

Read the full story and watch the video here.

Little girl ghost in a park

The spooky photo taken at Netherton Park

The swings in Netherton Park are “haunted”, you know – and there is “evidence”.

A haunting photo, taken at the park in September 2019, appears to show a “ghost” on a swing. It was posted on the Spotted: Netherton Facebook page, with the following post: “I was walking my dog ​​through Netherton Park and noticed the swing was moving but no one was there.

“I took a picture and I was completely pooped. What do you all think? That looks like a little girl to me.”

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UFO spotted over Worcester house

A “UFO” in the sky over Worcester / Video capture of a “UFO” spotted over southern Worcester

A UFO that allegedly “fell erratically” in the sky over Worcester has been captured by a photographer.

Craig Mathias, 35, from Kempsey, was taking photos of the sunrise in early September 27 when he was distracted by a flash.

After zooming in with his camera, he saw what appeared to be an object falling from the sky with two trails of flame coming from either side.

He said: “It was falling for about seven minutes, down rather than in the sky.

“I’ve seen lots of planes before, but it wasn’t an airplane and I just couldn’t explain it. I think it was either a module of a rocket or space junk. “

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UFO sightings in Shropshire and the Black Country

Although these were not filmed, eyewitness accounts tell of strange things spotted in the sky above the region.

Bridgnorth, Shropshire; September 25, 2014 at 4:23 am

An eyewitness reported seeing an object “moving erratically” in the sky over Bridgnorth.

It has been described as having lights and doing “90 degree turns”.

West Mercia Police were notified of the incident but shut down the newspaper pending further investigation.

Wednesbury, Sandwell; June 6, 2017 around 10:40 p.m.

An eyewitness reported seeing a circular UFO from their back garden at night, describing it as a “flying fireball”.

They said it flew “pretty fast” at first, but then slowed down and started to die off.

Then he “disappeared completely” which surprised the eyewitness, who said he was “too quick for a fire to go out”.

“My mother and I were in the garden and she reported it first,” the eyewitness said.

“He seemed to be in control. He didn’t have a tail or a trace either. He was silent.”

The report was made on

Dawley, Telford; July 22, 2019 at 3:25 p.m.

An eyewitness reported seeing a “strange UFO-like” object through their curtains.

They described seeing white lights and shadows that appeared to be shaped like a “dinosaur”.

The report was made to West Mercia Police.

Wolverhampton; March 8, 2014 around 12:34 am

A person claiming to be a scientist was observing a meteorite late at night when he saw a UFO pass by, traveling at least 180 miles per hour.

The scientist said he calculated the speed using seven visual landmarks, adding that the object moved “completely silent.”

It was described as being triangular in shape, with an “upper and lower dome” and its size was approximately 30 feet long and 15 feet wide.

The eyewitness said: “I am a scientist and I have extensive knowledge of airplanes and I did not recognize them at all.

“It was a little scary with how low and quiet it was.

“I have checked the aviation groups and weather balloon stations and nothing has been lost in the winds over the past week.”

The scientist reported on

Read the full story of these sightings here.

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