Fifty-foot waves, wind gusts over 100 mph and sideways rain – that’s what it’s like inside Hurricane Fiona, the first Category 4 storm of the basin’s hurricane season Atlantic of 2022. Fiona was crossing the Atlantic Ocean towards Bermuda and Nova Scotia on Thursday.

Saildrone Inc. and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released recordings from inside Fiona, showing the highs and lows of extremely turbulent seas. The recording was made by one of Saildrone’s unmanned surface vehicles, boats largely powered by wind and solar power to capture hurricane data.

“Unmanned systems in the air, on the surface of the ocean and under water have the potential to transform how NOAA fulfills its mission to better understand the environment,” said Philip Hall, director of the center. the agency’s unmanned systems operations department, which funds the Saildrone. effort. “These exciting emerging technologies provide NOAA with another valuable tool that can collect data in places unreachable with other observing systems.”

This is the second video Saildrone has released from inside a major hurricane. Last year, another drone spent 24 hours inside Category 4 Hurricane Sam, returning near real-time high-resolution video and imagery.


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