In addition to the latest camera news, the past week has been a very busy one for us at DCW, working around the clock to bring you the best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday camera deals as we go. ‘they were happening. As the chaos of Cyber ​​Week began to set in, let’s take a minute to catch our breath and focus on the important news you might have missed this week.

You can expect to find brief article summaries featuring a locked-in photographer who won a 2021 Red Bull Illume award with his ingenious viral video that showed skiing on the cover in his apartment! Ricoh might be ready to challenge Leica with a monochrome Pentax K-3 Mark III camera only, and one designed just for astrophotography uses.

In addition, the Sony Airpeak S1 – the “smallest drone in the world that can carry a full-frame Alpha camera” – is on pre-order in the United States. We found out that a student secretly photographed people in the 1890s using a hidden spy camera, and that there are still great price drops and deals for Cyber ​​Week…

Ricoh will challenge Leica?

(Image credit: Ricoh)

Information leaked at important Ricoh Imaging meetings held in Japan revealed that manufacturer Pentax was considering expanding the K-3 Mark III product line by introducing a monochrome-only camera that could compete with the Leica M-10 Monochrom.

The company is also suspected of launching an “Astro” variant of the Pentax K-3 Mark III designed specifically for astrophotography (as it is said to have a hydrogen-focused IR cut filter, making it unsuitable for shooting. general view).

The information comes from the Japanese outlet Ten Riff, which had tweeted live updates throughout Pentax Meeting Online 2021, also revealing that an update without calibration of the K-3 Mark III’s Astrotracer function. will be delivered in a firmware upgrade expected in Spring 2022.…

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Sony’s new camera drone is here – and it’s costing $ 9,000

(Image credit: Sony)

The “smallest drone in the world that can carry a full-frame mirrorless Alpha series camera,” the Sony Airpeak S1 offers 22 minutes of flight time without payload (reduced to 12 minutes with a Sony A7S III and a Sony FE 24mm f / 1.4 GM), and can fly in winds up to 44.7 mph.

Its landing gear retracts so as not to obscure the cameras and it has a dual operating mode to independently control the aircraft and the 2-axis nacelle. The big selling point of the Airpeak S1 is that it is the first drone designed to allow users to take their existing photo setups in the sky.

According to retailer B&H, the drone will start shipping on December 24, so it won’t arrive in time for Christmas. Pricing and shipping information for other regions has yet to be revealed, but now that the S1 has snapped coverage, a global launch can’t be too far away …

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The Victorian “voyeur” used a hidden spy camera!

(Image credit: Carl Størmer)

Carl Størmer (1874-1957), was a mathematician, astrophysicist and student at the University of Oslo in the 1890s who captured sneaky images of the Norwegian street with a spy camera hidden under his jacket, coming out of a buttonhole .

Frank captures can sometimes be frowned upon when the subject doesn’t know they are being photographed, but on the other hand, they can be used as a tool to provide us with a historical glimpse into the Norwegian way of life in the 1890s.

His hidden camera photographs documented famous and well-known individuals during the 19th century period from 1893 to 1897, walking along Karl Johan Street in Oslo, Norway. Størmer would often exchange pleasantries with his subjects and capture their timely reaction, a sample of the earliest known street photography.

The camera Størmer used had a thin, round six-frame glass plate and is described as resembling a circular cartridge “spy camera” with a string running down into his pants pocket which took a picture when the string went down. been pulled …

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The Red Bull winner locked the skis in his apartment!

(Image credit: Philipp Klein Herrero / Red Bull Illume)

The Red Bull Illume Photography Contest unveiled two winners from each of its categories every evening this week. Dedicated to adventure and action sports, the competition showcases the most creative and captivating images, celebrating the passion, lifestyle and culture behind the photographers who photograph them.

Philip Klein Herrero is the winning photographer in the “Photo Story” category and is behind the fun stop-motion adventure on the ski slopes at home. The category dossier was to submit photos “presented in a 30 second to 3 minute slide show.

Photo Story was introduced as a new category this year, and the inspiration for Herrero’s concept was the pandemic, discovering the mountains from the comforts of home. “I taped my camera to the ceiling, put on my ski equipment and started filming, one photo at a time,” he said…

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Cyber ​​Monday offers continue!

(Image credit: Digital Camera World / Getty)

Last week the retail world was rocked by the savings, with Black Friday giving way to Cyber ​​Monday – and the savings continued through the week in the form of “Cyber ​​Week.” .

However, many of the best savings have continued to continue as eager seasonal shoppers look to shop for gifts for the holidays. So whether you’re looking for a new camera, lens, printer, laptop, or an affordable gift for the photo lover in your life, check out our page Cyber ​​Monday offers because there are still great deals to be had!

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