Like any other company, Xiaomi, as a rule, is silent on the evolution of developments in the field of new smartphones. But he periodically patents various development ideas related to mobile devices. One of the most recent patents, which demonstrates the soaring imaginations of engineers and designers as to how to beat the multimodule main camera.

The patent Documentation was found in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) database. It contains an image of a smartphone in three versions of the main camera. One of the sketches shows us a Galaxy S21-like platform that houses four vertically aligned image sensors. The higher sensor is tall and the lower sensor is periscopic.

The design of the front panel is typical of a modern smartphone: a screen with thin edges and a round hole for a selfie camera in the center of the upper part of the screen.

Another version of the smartphone offers three image sensors in the main camera, one being large and the other two smaller. There is a version with four modules, but their location is different from the original version.

It’s worth saying that this is only a patent and further demonstrates the design of the main camera; without emphasizing the technical characteristics. The ideas themselves don’t fall into the category of fantastic and hard to implement, so there is a small possibility that the company will release smartphones with such camera performance.

Xiaomi has hinted at releasing a smartphone without wired charging in the near future

Recently, Xiaomi not only revealed details about high power wired and wireless HyperCharge charging technologies (200 and 120 watts respectively); but also talked about how smartphones will be charged in the future. In particular, the engineers spoke of smartphones completely devoid of any external port.

In their opinion, very soon a Xiaomi smartphone will appear on sale; Not only with fast charging, but also without any USB port. It will also not have any other external wire connectors. Users can charge this device wirelessly only. In fact, such smartphones already exist on the market. For example, the Vivo Apex 2020 only supports 60W wireless power. However, this is more of a concept smartphone than a mass product.

Xiaomi engineers added that the only reason wired charging is so popular today, and even the only option for many smartphones, is that the corresponding wireless interface is still not perfect and the necessary infrastructure in public places is almost absent. On the contrary, wired charging technology has been developed for decades and is very common; a USB connector for recharging the can is available in almost all public places.


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