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Xiaomi could have planned something interesting for its smartphone camera system. Reputable tipster Digital Chat Station discovered that the Chinese company had patented a DSLR-like camera zoom system for smartphoneswhich only uses one camera on the back.

In the patent, the smartphone houses a large varifocal photo sensor and physically moves, just like the cameras. As the current trend in smartphone photography is that the more impressive a camera system, the more impressive the sensors, it is refreshing to see such an implementation. On top of that, if Xiaomi used a powerful sensor in this system, it could be a game changer.

Xiaomi DSLR Patent 1.jpg

However, Xiaomi is not the first smartphone manufacturer to think of this idea. Previously, Samsung introduced the Galaxy K Zoom and S4 Zoom with varifocal cameras, but these are heavy devices. Sony’s Xperia 1 IV also offers a varifocal camera system and hides it well without protruding too much. So compared to Xiaomi’s solution, Sony’s might make even more sense to keep things the way people like it today, which is thin and light.

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